Best flux core welder under 200

Welding is a subject that has a lot of depth to it and the art of welding two pieces of metal is not always a simple act. The process of welding provides a lot of options for performing a lot of activities on your own as well as a lot of flexibility. That is the reason that you need to select the right welding machine which will provide the perfect conditions to provide the right welding. The right welding requires the right balance between the methods and materials and hence selecting the right machine is very important. So to match your skills with the need and keep things on the perfect pitch is very essential when you select the model.

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From the variety of options in the market, choosing the best welder is not an easy task and you need to go through a few details. You need to match the multiple variables and pick the right item. So here are the reviews of a few of the best flux core welder under 200 to help you pick the right model. In case you are a beginner, we are including a section that will offer some basic guidelines about selecting a model.

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Guide To Buying A Best Flux Core Welder Under 200

These are some of the points you need to keep in mind while buying a welder

A flux core welder

A flux core welder offers a number of advantages over conventional methods like MIG or TIG as it does not need welding gas. The process can be performed outdoors without the wind affecting the gas and the metal penetration is also deeper, allowing it to be used for thicker items. But it also produces more weld splatter, smoke, and heat. So even though there is no universal welding process that is suitable for every kind of job, flux core welding offers a lot of flexibility in terms of use and options.

The needs

The welding method, as well as the welder that you choose, will depend on your needs. The specifications can vary depending on whether you want to work on your automobile, motorcycle, boat or any other farm equipment. After selecting the type of project, you also need to take a look at the materials that you will weld. This can be steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper or even brass. Each of these materials requires specific welding methods and it is best to choose the appropriate one.

The duty cycle

Picking a welder with the right duty cycle is of utmost importance. The duty cycle is basically the ratio of the time that you can use the machine continuously and the time it needs to cool off. If you use the welder with the highest power setting for a long period, then a unit with a higher duty cycle is recommended. The machines with high cycles come with a higher price, so, if you just want it for smaller projects, you need not select a machine with the best power cycle.

The budget

The budget is an important factor before making the purchase as the best welders come with good features. That does not mean that the lower-priced units will not serve your purpose as they provide more value for money. It is best to try out the machine you select to see how it actually works. Keep in mind that you will also need to invest in accessories like a good shield for eye protection and good quality gloves. Many units do not come with a sufficient cord length and hence good quality extension cord will be needed. These are the factors that will determine your final budget.


Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder

Coming from a brand that has over 80 years of experience in this industry, this is a unit that has provided high-end precision at an affordable price.

Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder, 120-Volt, 125-Amp


This is a welder that is ideal for beginners and will also keep the experienced users satisfied. The unit is easy to use and extremely portable, making overall handling a breeze. Add to it the very good build quality and the excellent safety features and you have a real winner in your hands.

Feature and Benefits:

Easy to use

This unit is extremely user-friendly and just plug it in to start your welding session. The lightweight makes handling ease and the quick setup time enables you to get going with ease.

Good duty cycle

The unit has a 120-volt input and 125 amp output with a rating of 20% at 80 amps. This means that the welder needs to rest for 8 minutes after you weld continuously for 2 minutes.

Good storage

This unit has great storage space for wire spool options ranging between 2 to 10 pounds. It also comes with a 2-pound spool of flux wire that offers very good welding quality.

Dual settings

As an added advantage, this unit comes with two different voltage settings that offer you an additional advantage. The lower setting is or sheet metal and the higher one is for thicker metals.


Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 51 Pounds
  • Rating: 120-Volt, 125-Amp.
  • Rated thickness: 1/8 inches.
  • Cord length: 6 feet.
  • An easy to use a welder.
  • A durable construction.
  • A 20 % duty cycle.
  • Strong enough for stainless steel.
  • A six-month warranty.
  • Not ideal for heavy duty jobs.
  • Six feet cord length can be a limitation.


With some good features and very good handling, this unit is a very good choice for beginners who are looking for a durable welder at an affordable price.



Goplus MIG 130 Welder Automatic Feed Welder Welding Machine

With a sturdy frame and versatile features, this welding machine is a complete package that delivers the right performance at the right price.

Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine w_Free Mask

This is a welding machine that packs the right set of features to allow you to handle small household projects on your own. The unit uses the process of gasless flux welding with full effect and has the right range of accessories along with very good power delivery.

Feature and Benefits:

Multiple heat settings

The unit comes with four different heat settings ranging from high to low. This allows the user to effectively weld different type of metal items and makes the unit more versatile.

Overload protection

In case you forget to shut off the welder while taking a break, the system will shut it down automatically. This makes the unit very safe for domestic use.

Wire-speed control

With a wide variety of wire-speed controls, it will be easy for you to weld different thicknesses of sheets. This along with the heat regulation provides more flexibility to the welding process.

Full range of accessories

The unit comes with all the necessary accessories required for an effective weld work. These include a welding gun, welding wire, weld mask, and a brush.


Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 35 Pounds
  • Wire-speed: 10 control settings.
  • Output current: 15% at 105 AMP.
  • Cord length: 6.5 feet.
  • A well-built unit.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Hidden storage space at the top.
  • Multifunctional control panel.
  • Automatic Thermal Safety Protection.
  • Does not come with a warranty.


If you are looking for a durable unit that is reliable as well, then this unit has the right range of features at the perfect price point.

Super Deal PRO Commercial Automatic Feed Welder Welding Machine

For anyone who is starting out with MIG welding, this well-built and efficient unit is a very good choice to get good welding at an equally good price.


Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 130 AC Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welder Weldin


This is a welding machine that offers top-class flexibility coupled with a very good performance. It has an automatic feed and can handle thicker metals with ease. It is also easy to handle and is a great choice for any hobbyist with an infrequent usage pattern.

Feature and Benefits:

Good versatility

The unit can handle 16 gauge to 3/8” thick sheet metal with ease. It is also capable of handling the same thickness of aluminum and is ideal for a wide range of tasks.


The interface of this unit is very user-friendly and it can be set up easily and the advanced options are easy to operate. It is light in weight and also has a well-designed handle for carrying around.

Variable feed speed

The current flow can be adjusted easily with a four-button switch. There is a rotary knob for wire feeding which provides ten levels of wire feeding speeds to suit the needs of the job.

Complete package

The unit comes loaded with the right range of accessories which include a reel of 0.9mm welding wire, a protection mask, and a brush/Chipping Hammer. 2.5M Torch and two extra tips.


Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 38.1 pounds.
  • Wire-speed: 10 control settings.
  • Duty Cycle: 10% at 105 AMP, 35% at 60 AMP
  • Open voltage: 37 V.
  • A well-designed control panel.
  • Metal-tipped welding gun.
  • Built-in fan.
  • Very good portability.
  • Well-designed control functions.
  • Not ideal for heavy jobs.
  • The packaged wire is too thin.


This is a very well packaged unit that allows you to get the lighter welding jobs done with ease and also ensures safety and portability.


Ironton Flux Core 125 115V Flux Cored Welder

This unit can be your perfect companion for performing a wide variety of jobs around the house and offers a good range of features at a very reasonable price.

Ironton Flux Core 125 115V Flux Cored Welder - 125 Amp Output


This simple but efficient unit has been designed for users who like to get things done on their own. The overall built quality and the features are made available at a very reasonable price making it a real value for money options for first-time buyers.

Feature and Benefits:

Well built

This is a very well-constructed unit with a durable metal frame, top-quality accessories and a sturdy handle. The unit is easy to handle and offers excellent portability.

Good range

This is a machine that will not disappoint you when it is time to handle heavier jobs. The unit is capable of handling mild steel plates up to a thickness of 18 gauge.

Effective features

The unit comes with two different voltage settings that allow you to handle a wide variety of jobs. The arc is also trigger activated to keep the wire electrically cold when not in use for enhanced safety.

Well packaged

This is a very well packaged unit with a full range of accessories. It comes with a high-quality flux core gun, a ground clamp and a brush cum chipping hammer.


Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 37.5 pounds.
  • Power range: 115V, 20 amp.
  • Duty Cycle: 20% at 80 AMP.
  • Wire feed speed control: infinite
  • A compact and durable unit.
  • No special wiring required.
  • Built-in thermal overload protection.
  • Infinite wire speed control.
  • Good quality accessories.
  • Not ideal for heavy jobs.


This unit is the perfect choice for handling light to medium duty welding jobs with complete ease and total reliability.


Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder

With a smart and compact design, this welding machine is ready to handle outdoor environments and provides high-quality welding without using shielding gases.

Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST, 120-Volt, 90-Amp


Forney has been going strong with its products for some time and this unit is no exception. The inverter power system and long-distance welding capability give it an edge over the competition. It is also very well built and is capable of withstanding rough use.

Feature and Benefits:


This is a welding machine that is ideal for use in outdoor environments. Even if the conditions are dusty, windy and the surfaces are rusted, this machine will deliver the best performance.

Easy handling

Not only is the unit durable, but it is also light in weight and easy to carry around as it has a comfortable handle. The handle can hold the cables when not in use.

Light and compact

With less than 14 pounds in weight, this unit is one of the lightest models in the current market. The lightweight does not come at the cost of durability as the metal body is very sturdy.

Effective features

The unit comes with a built-in fan that operates automatically to keep the temperatures under control. It also allows you to shuffle between TIG and Stick methods with just the flip of a switch.


Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 13.5 pounds.
  • Voltage: 120 V.
  • Thickness range: 16-Gauge up to 5/16 inches.
  • Wire feed speed control: None 
  • A highly portable unit.
  • Supports a wide variety of filler metals.
  • Capable of welding at various distances.
  • Has an inverter power system.
  • Come with one year warranty.
  • Not ideal for heavy jobs.
  • Price is on the higher side


This is a simple and efficient unit that has been well designed to deliver a high range of performance, making it ideal for first-time users.


C.M.T Pitbull Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder

This is a unit that is designed for providing the perfect balance between top-class functionality and extreme portability.

C.M.T Pitbull Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder - 110V - Arc Welding Eq


Whether you are a beginner or a professional wanting to supplement your main machine with a smaller one, this unit is a good choice. It delivers fast welding action and can handle a wide range of jobs with complete ease, making it a real workhorse at a very reasonable price.

Feature and Benefits:

Reliable performance

The unit operates at 110V voltage and 60Hz frequency that delivers very reliable performance. The unit does not need any time to set up and you can start your work just by plugging it in.

Compact design

This is an added advantage of this unit and is also one of its best features. Being light and compact, it can be carried easily to any place and stored anywhere without any hassle.

Efficient power delivery

With a single-phase, 26 amp required current and 45 to 100 amp amperage control, the unit delivers the right range of power that can effectively handle a wide range of household jobs.

Convenient for use

The unit is designed for beginners and is very easy to use. It operates on normal 110 V and does not need any special circuits or connections for using.


Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 28 Pounds
  • Voltage: 110 V.
  • Thickness range: Up to 1/4 inches.
  • Wire feed speed control: None 
  • A highly portable unit.
  • Easy to use.
  • An effective duty cycle.
  • Delivers high weld quality.
  • It offers reliable performance.
  • Good value for money
  • Not suitable for heavy jobs.
  • Not ideal for experienced users.


The main features of this unit are portability and a high level of user convenience and this makes it a great choice as an entry-level welding machine at a very good price.



Amico Digital Display LCD Stick ARC Welder

With a top-class performance, high level of safety and an easy to operate system, this unit is definitely a top choice for first-time users.

Amico 160 Amp Digital Display LCD Stick ARC Welder IGBT DC Inverter 115 & 230V D


This is a small unit that is low in weight but high in terms of performance. The welding quality is top-notch and there are world-class safety features that guarantee a secure use. It is also highly portable and is designed to save energy with optimized power consumption.

Feature and Benefits:

Reliable performance

The unit has an advanced control module that delivers the best possible welding under a variety of conditions. It ensures small splashing and great weld penetration and pool.

Fluctuation proof

With its automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation feature, this unit can work in spite of input voltage fluctuation. This makes it a very effective unit in all conditions.

Safe operation

To ensure safe operation, this unit comes with over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over current protection, and overload protection.

Advanced features

This unit can be used in AC 115V and 230V dual voltage and it is compact and portable for easy handling. The unit is also easy and simple to operate for all types of users.

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Power Factor: 0.93
  • Input Power: 2.3KVA and 6.9KVA.
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 60% @ 115V/130A and 60% @ 230V/160A.
  • Cable Length: 10 feet
  • Easy to handle and carry.
  • Dual voltage usability.
  • Good weld quality.
  • Suitable for acidic or basic electrodes.
  • Long cable length.
  • Stable welding arc.
  • Not suitable for heavy jobs.


With a light build and easy to use features, this unit is the right choice for light domestic jobs and offers the perfect reliability.


ARKSEN MIG-130 Welding Machine Gas Less Flux Core Home Welder

This is a heavy-duty MIG gas welder that offers excellent performance along with a long life span that makes it ideal for domestic jobs of all types.

ARKSEN MIG-130 Welding Machine Gas Less Flux Core Wire DIY Home Welder Automatic


With a well-built structure and a perfectly portable design, this unit is a very effective choice for household works. It can be used more effectively with the adjustable welding speed and there are effective features that make it a very capable performer.

Feature and Benefits:

Adjustable features

The unit comes with four different heating levels and ten different rates for feeding the welding wire. This makes it a versatile performer for adjusting with various welding conditions.

Flux-cored wire

The unit uses flux-cored wire that is extremely convenient along with self-release metal-inert gas that prevents any oxidation of the parts that are being welded, generating a top-class weld.

Good design

Portability is a big advantage of this unit and the easy carrying handle makes it perfect for carrying around anywhere you need and storing in compact spaces.

Extra features

The unit comes with two air-vents on the machine along with a cooling fan to help heat dissipation. In addition, the welding gun comes with full-on/off safety control.

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 36.8 pounds.
  • Welding Current: 50-120amp.
  • Input Voltage: 115V/60Hz Single Phase.
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 10% @ 105amp and 35% @ 60amp.


  • Easy to use the unit.
  • Delivers excellent welding quality.
  • Good weld quality.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Variable speed wire control.
  • Comes with mask, brush, and hammer.
  • Long term durability issues.
  • Customer service is not dependable


This is a very efficiently designed machine that provides a professional-grade finish in welding and keeps the application extremely versatile.



This is some of the Best flux core welders under 200 that you can choose from the current market. The top class built quality of these units is also complemented by a very good weld quality that makes things perfect for all types of household works. The units are easy to use and most of them come with the added advantage of being extremely portable. They are also very good for beginners who are buying their first welding machine as they are easy to use and set up. Among all these units, the Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC flux core welder can definitely be marked as the best unit because of its top-class performance.

The unit is very well designed both in terms of looks and performance. It is also ideal for anyone who is getting introduced to the art of MIG welding. The unit is a good combination of capacity and portability which makes it a great choice for those who are on the move. The unit is easy to use and requires very little maintenance, making it a good choice for a variety of work.

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