Best KVM Switches for Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

KVM switches are devices that will allow you to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, mouse or even a monitor. In case you have a shortage of space for placing multiple monitors or keyboards, a KVM switch can be very useful. A KVM switch needs cAT5 cabling or a special cable kit to connect with the computers and once the mouse and keyboard are connected, control can be shifted from one computer to another, simply by pressing a button.

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These switches are space-saving and economical options for both home and office environments. They can connect between two to sixty-four computers and they are quite easy to install.

So in a business environment, they enhance productivity and also eliminates unnecessary hardware. It is best to do a certain amount of homework before you select a model for your purpose of use.

We will review some of the best KVM switches for wireless mouse and keyboards but before that, we will list down some points that you need to consider before you choose a KVM switch.

Best KVM Switches for Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Buying Guide

It is always necessary to make sure that the KVM switch you choose will suit your requirements. These points will point you in the right direction while buying a switch.


It is important that you choose a unit that is perfectly compatible with the system you are using. Most KVM switches are compatible with the common operating systems but it is best to check the specifications before making a purchase. When you are trying to work fast you definitely do not need any glitches arising from incompatibility.

The type of switch

These switches are available in three basic types which are the rack mount, rack mount console, and desktop design. For home use with around four to five computers, desktop models are a perfect choice. For an office environment with multiple servers and complex networking systems, a rack mount console is best. These consoles often also come with a keyboard, display and a touchpad for easier use.

The distance factor

The distance between the KVM unit and the computer is also an important factor to consider. When the distance is around 25 feet the standard cable kit can be used. But for larger setups spread over a large room, CAT 5 cabling which can connect up to 1000 feet is necessary.

Connection requirements

Before buying, ensure that the KVM switch is compatible with the monitor that you are using. You may select KVM switches that support only DVI connections or PS/2 peripherals and then find out that it is incompatible. When multiple units are to be connected make sure that you find out the exact connection needs.

Additional ports

It is always best to select a KVM switch with some additional ports to keep some space for future connections. You may need to add a new VOIP system or an alarm controlling server or something else in the future and find out that you are short of ports.

Onscreen display

A KVM switch with an onscreen display is definitely more useful when you are handling numerous systems. These displays indicate which systems are connected and which are offline, making things easier for you to handle and saving some important time.

The Rosewill RKV-2UC 2-Port USB KVM Switch

This KVM switch is simple in design but performs extremely well by packing some good features at a very good price.

2 Port USB KVM Switch RKV 1UC. Built in USB Cable and Switch Remote. 1 Set of VGA Monitor & USB Keyboard Mouse to Control up to 2 Computers VGA Port Supports up to 2048 1536 Resolution


This unit is perfect for a small setup or for your home as it can connect up to two computers smoothly. It is compatible with multiple platforms making it a perfect economical choice to ensure smooth operation.


Feature and Benefits:

Easy connection

This unit has an inbuilt VGA connector that can connect with monitors with resolutions up to 2048 x 1536. This makes it easy to connect with any monitor, old or new.


This model can connect with multiple platforms including Windows and Mac. It can also smoothly connect with Sun Solaris systems which is an added advantage.

Good functionality

The unit has DVI functionality that can connect two USB computers at once. Now you can control the port switching function from any of the desktops even if the switch is away from you.

Reasonably priced

This unit has been priced perfectly to make it a real value for money product. If you do not want to spend a large sum to connect your systems, this is a great choice.

Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions:9 x 7.9 x 3.4 inches
  • The number of ports: 2 Nos.
  • Display support: 2048 x 1536
  • Weight: 4 ounces.


Pros and Cons:

  • Basic and simple model.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Cheap and effective.
  • Supports multiple operating systems.
  • Only connects two computers.


This basic model is ideal for those who are using a KVM switch for the first time as it is very easy to use.


TESmart HDMI Ultra HD 2×1 HDMI KVM Switch

This unit comes with all the required features to plug in multiple computers and is a model that can be easily installed and used.


E:\Rahul Ji AMAZON\TechUnderworld\Posts and Upload 30112018\TESmart HDMI 4K@60Hz Ultra HD 2x1 HDMI KVM Switch 3840x2160@60Hz 4 4 4 with 2 Pcs 5ft KVM Cables Supports USB 2 0 Devices Control up to 2 Computers Servers DVR.jpg


This KVM switch has been designed very smartly and it has some good features that make is a very able performer. The unit is compatible with most operating systems and it has good connectivity features. For further ease of use, it also has a remote control.

Feature and Benefits:

Good resolution

This switch offers the resolution of 3840 x 2160 @ 60 HZ. The 4K display is rich in colors and looks great. This makes it very good for surveillance on multiple devices.

Remote functionality

The remote control unit comes very handily with this KVM switch. It can be used to switch the display very easily, giving you more flexibility.

Good accuracy

The display information in this KVM switch is very accurate due to the EDID emulators in the ports. The devices can be hot-swapped with the switch without any interruption or lag.

Useful features

This device will act across USB devices like printers, barcode scanners, and video games. It also supports various hot-key commands and mouse gestures.


Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions: 8 x 3.2 x 0.9 inches
  • The number of ports: 2 Nos.
  • Display support: 3840 x 2160
  • Weight: 6 ounces.


Pros and Cons:

  • An easy to use model.
  • Comes with KVM cables.
  • Supports USB 2.0.
  • Supports multiple operating systems.
  • Some users did not like the beeping sound while switching ports.



This switch guarantees fantastic picture quality along with very good compatibility and easy setup.


UGREEN USB KVM Switch Box 2 Port VGA Video Sharing Adapter

A smartly designed KVM switch that allows you to connect and switch between work and play with complete ease.

UGREEN USB KVM Switch Box 2 Port VGA Video Sharing Adapter 2 in 1 Out Manual Switcher with USB Cables for Computer PC Laptop Desktop Monitor Printer


This unit offers a simple and cost-effective way to connect two computers and is ideal for multitasking requirements. The HD picture quality and the wide range of compatibility makes this unit even more effective.

Feature and Benefits:

A compact design

This switch is very light and designed in a compact fashion which makes it a portable unit. In case your workspace is small, this will be an ideal unit to use.

Great connectivity

The unit comes with two USB Type A connectors, two USB Type B connectors and 3 VGA connectors making it a very versatile switch. It also does not need external power as the USB type B connectors provide the power.

Good image quality

At a resolution of 1920 x 1440, this unit provides very good picture quality. The clarity and color definition is perfect for working or for gaming.

Widely compatible

The unit is compatible with almost all operating systems including Windows Mac, Linux, Sun Solaris, DOS, Win3, WINNT, Netware and Unix. This unmatched versatility makes it very useful for a wide range of users.


Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions:7 x 5.3 x 0.4 inches
  • A number of ports: 2 Nos.
  • Display support: 1920 x 1440
  • Weight: 3 ounces.


Pros and Cons:

  • Well-designed unit.
  • No software drivers needed.
  • No power adopter needed.
  • Very competitive pricing.
  • Some users did not like the layout of the switches.


Offered at a very pocket-friendly price, this unit is ideal for connecting two computers and offers a lot of flexibility in its operation.


JideTech 4 Port VGA KVM Switch

This KVM switch is great for larger setups as it can connect up to four computers and has some much-needed features built in it.

4 Port VGA KVM Switch with USB Hub Support Wireless Keyboard Mouse Connection and Push Button Switching Function



This plug and play device is USB powered making it a very easy to use model. It has some high-end technology to guarantee superior performance and also comes with KVM cables. It is also very well priced, making it a very good purchase.

Feature and Benefits:

Superior technology

This unit comes with an advanced chipset that provides very good performance. Now you can say goodbye to problems like system crashes and freeze-up of the mouse and keyboards.

Good capacity

The unit comes with four ports and you can connect up to four computers through it. It also comes with four pieces of KVM cables making the connection process extremely easy.

Integrated USB hub

The unit comes with an integrated USB hub, making it possible to share the connected USB peripherals among the four separate computers. This saves a lot of time and effort during some professional level work.

Easy to use

The entire system is very easy to set up and use and it does not require an external power source. It is powered by the USB connections, adding to the convenience.

Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions:96 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches
  • The number of ports: 4 Nos.
  • Display support: 2048 x 1536
  • Weight: 45 pounds.


Pros and Cons:

  • Good performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports wireless mouse and keyboards.
  • Versatile use.
  • The wiring layout is not good.



This unit offers the right balance between functionality and performance, making it a great choice for those who need to use wireless peripherals.


AV Access DP KVM Extender

This KVM switch is great for larger setups as it can connect up to four computers and has some much-needed features built in it.

AV Access DP KVM Extender Keyboard+Mouse DP USB Camera Extension 330ft 4K 60Hz Over Cat5e 6a 2 Ports USB 2 0 PoE RS232 IR and Stereo Audio Pass Through


Once you take a look at this unit, you will be sure that it is designed with care. It has been kept simple and easy to install while packing some very effective features. The display and audio quality is extremely good, making it ideal for all sorts of purposes.

Feature and Benefits:

Great output

The unit delivers very good picture and audio quality as it supports 4K @ 30Hz video quality and bi-directional analog audio quality. This makes this unit ideal for videos or games.

User-friendly design

It is easy to mount and all the connections are kept at one side to allow the wiring to remain tidy. The power adopter is threaded to avoid any power loss during usage.

Durable unit

The unit features some very useful safety factors like surge and lightning protection along with superior ESD protection. It also comes with a three-year warranty to ensure peace of mind.

High transmission distance

The unit has high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and can also be connected by Cat 5e/6/6a/7 cables up to a range of 100 meters. This makes it ideal for operating remote and inaccessible units.

Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions:9 x 3.9 x 1 inches
  • The number of ports: 2 Nos.
  • Display support: 4K UHD
  • Weight: 10 pounds.


Pros and Cons:

  • Solid design.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Long connection range.
  • Ideal for harsh environments.
  • Audio does not support microphones.
  • High price



This KVM switch provides an all-around performance under a variety of environments and is a very dependable unit that you can choose.



The convenience offered by a KVM switch is simply undeniable and the ones mentioned above are some of the Best KVM Switches for Wireless Keyboard and Mouse that you can choose from the current market. Once you have fixed your requirements, it will be easier to make a choice as all these units offer some good features. When it comes to picking the right one for using with a wireless mouse and keyboard, the JideTech 4 Port VGA KVM Switch can definitely be a top choice. In terms of the balance between price and performance, this unit score high marks.

There are also additional features like four ports for connecting four different units and very good picture quality. There is also the advantage of the unit being small and compact, making it very easy to set up in small places. It also comes with an integrated USB 2.0 hub making it ideal for a wide range of use, be it an office space or a gaming room. It is available at a very reasonable price, making it a definite good investment for connecting multiple computer units.

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