Best Led Lantern For Power Outages

When you are facing a power outage or out of your home in the wilderness, you need a good and reliable source of light to see through the night. Led lanterns are one of the most effective sources of light and modern-day lanterns come with a wide variety of technologies that make them very useful under varying circumstances.

While you pick and review a few of the best-led lanterns for power outages here are a few suggestions to help you make a good purchase.

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 The light output of the lantern is the most important aspect along with the quality of the light source used. You also need to check out the type of batteries the lantern uses and plan to keep sufficient backup.

The build of the lantern is also essential for rough usage and you should keep that in mind while buying one.

The Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact, Rugged 7.25″ Hand Lantern

This rugged and efficient lantern with its intelligent design can serve you well in your home or in the outdoors.

The Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact, Rugged 7.25" Hand Lantern


I always prefer using lanterns which can serve me well both during a power outage and during a camping trip in a jungle. This nice looking model named Siege from Streamlight perfectly serves both these purposes making it a great choice to bring light through the darkness.  It is durable and very bright with small design enhancements that make it a very useful model and one of the best-led lanterns for power outages. Let me share a few more facts about this model to show you how good it really is.

Unique Features:

A durable built

This model was tested by a two-meter drop and impact test so that it will survive any rough handling. Once you take the lantern in your hand you will realize that the outer shell is very robust and to make things full proof the lenses are made of unbreakable polycarbonate.

Very good light delivery

The unit is built with C4 LED technology which basically means that the light quality is powerful and brilliant.

Now you may find it hard to believe but these LEDs are impact-resistant and have an incredibly long 50000 hours of life. So there is no question that this is a long-lasting unit.

Waterproof construction

To make the unit even more rugged, it is IPX7 rated for waterproofing which means that it can withstand up to 1-meter submersion. The unit is also designed to float in water so even if you drop it in water,

it will not sink. So this is not only one of the best-led lanterns for power outages but also perfect for outdoor usage during rains.

Useful features

The multiple useful and easy to use features of this unit definitely enhance its effectiveness. There are four light modes including red light and an SOS mode which can be easily controlled by the main button.

There is also a battery level indicating feature and the battery compartment is easy to open, making the battery replacement a simple task even in darkness.

Key Specifications:

  • Product dimensions:0 x 4.0 x 7.2 inches
  • Product Weight:2 pounds.
  • Light source: LEDs 4 white/1 red.
  • Light output: 540 Lumens (Highest)/ 55 Lumens (Lowest).
  • Battery: 3 x D size Alkaline.
  • Handle:
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Pros and Cons:

  • Compact design.
  • Tough built.
  • Good light output.
  • Waterproof.
  • The flexibility of use.
  • Long lasting batteries.
  • Alkaline batteries not ideal for freezing temperatures.
  • The price is on the higher side.


If you are looking for a good LED lantern this is definitely one of the best-designed models making it one of the best-led lantern for power outages. I liked this Siege lantern from all aspects and especially the ease with which it can be held or hung from any point using the ergonomic handle. This is one lantern that is definitely recommended.

The Hillmax 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern with White Light

With this light and stable build and a flexible power source, this LED lantern from Hillmax can serve you through any power outage at ease.

The Hillmax 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern with White Light


Light and compact model is always easy to use in all situations and this LED lantern from Hillmax is a perfect example of that. You can store this unit anywhere you want and it gives a reliable performance during an emergency situation and hence I am suggesting it as one of the best-led lanterns for power outages.

There are quite a few great features in this model which I will discuss in the forthcoming section.

Unique Features:

Light and compact

The unit is very lightly built in a small frame making it extremely portable. Anyone can carry it to any place where light is needed. If you are thinking about build quality, let me assure you that the unit is very durable.

Three light modes

To give you the best light and to conserve power this unit has three types of light. The most powerful model has bright white light, followed by a mixture of white and yellow for the medium range.

In the lowest light mode, the unit produces yellow light which is very comfortable and soothing for your eyes.

Easy to replace the battery

With this unit in hand, you will never have to worry about battery replacement as this lantern can operate of AA or AAA batteries. This makes it very flexible and ensures easy battery replacement making it one of the best-led lanterns for power outages.

Bright light

This lantern is capable of a 100-lumen output which gives you a very bright light in any situation. The LED strips are specially designed so that it optimizes battery life without compromising on the light.

Whether in an indoor situation or outdoor, this lantern is easy to use in any place.

Key Specifications:

  • Product dimensions:4 x 3.4 x 5.2 inches
  • Product Weight:75 pounds.
  • Light source:
  • Body Material: ABS
  • Light output: 100 Lumens (Highest).
  • Battery: 3 x AA or 4 x AAA.
  • Handle:

Pros and Cons:

  • Compact and light design.
  • It contains four units in a package.
  • Good light output.
  • Flexible power source.
  • Easy to use.
  • Splash resistant.
  • Affordable price
  • Not waterproof
  • Brightness could have been better.


This lantern from Hillmax does deliver a good quality at an unbeatable price. They are easy to use in any situation and very easy to store away due to their compact size. The light output, as well as the battery life, is quite good and the easily available batteries make it a flexible model.

So if you are looking for a best led lantern for power outages, this is also the one unit that you may definitely go for. I am sure you would be able to choose one of your preferred choice of the best-led lantern for power outages, among these all reviewed products above. Happy to support you.

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