Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6- Better And Faster

No one can imagine their lives without the internet while living in this technologically advanced world. The Internet has become ‘the most important’ part of our lives that we feel stubborn if it is not available for even 2 minutes. The first commercial public use of the internet is said to be back in the … Read more

Artificial Intelligence

The Role Of Empathy In Artificial Intelligence

Each passing year we are moving towards a technologically advanced era. What we mean by saying this is that those works which we manually perform these days will be automated as well. We will just have to say what we want to do and it will be done by a machine, possibly a robot. It … Read more

quantum computing

Quantum Computing- Race To The Future

Time has become so precious that most of us don’t talk about ‘a second’ rather we care about ‘milliseconds’. With each passing year, everything is becoming so fast that with the blink of your eye most of the work will get done. These advancements have justified the statement “time is money”. More than present, we … Read more

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