Chainsaw Blade Direction : Steps To Always Get it Right

Safety is one thing that no one should take lightly. Even while performing day to day tasks, we do it with precaution and care so that our safety even if minuscule, isn’t compromised. Since we put so much importance on carrying simple tasks with so much awareness, it’s likely that when it comes to heavy-duty tasks, extra precautions and preventive measures are required.

For example, when working on heavy-duty machinery such as a chainsaw, it is crucial to set it up properly to ensure maximum safety while working. A small mistake can cost you a lot and so one has to be extra careful in handling it. Different precaution is needed for electric as well as gasoline chainsaws but two things are common in both types. The direction of the chain and blade are of crucial importance while working with it and they decide whether it is going to harm you or will do the work for you well.

While chainsaws are widely used in various wood-related industries, their use isn’t limited to just that. They are used not only in industries but also by private individuals for maintaining their backyards etc. Since they are less likely to have all the safety equipment, they must know the basics about the chainsaws so that their work can be done with no harm. Here’s a guide to help you out to ensure that your blade is running in the right direction while you’re using your chainsaw.

So, how to make a chainsaw blade run in the right direction?

The first you have to do is ensure that the chain is placed rightly. Once it has been installed, a major part of your work is done as your chainsaw will work just fine. However, in case you face any kind of difficulties even if your chainsaw chain is rightly in its place, here are few things you can check to be 100% sure about the same.

  1. Attach the chainsaw bar

If the chainsaw isn’t working properly, maybe you need to replace the chain and for that, you will have to attach the chainsaw bar to the chain. First, remove the bolt. Then, attach the bar properly to the right position and then tighten the bolt. The chain fitting should be just right, not too loose or tight. It is also important to check that the chain is in the right direction as it directly affects the direction of the blade.


  1. Check the direction of the chainsaw chain

The chainsaw chain is replaced because of the faulty direction of the blade. So, the user must pay attention when the chain is being mounted to ensure it is done right.


  1. Tighten the chain

With the bar being attached and the chain is mounted, you have to tighten the chain to ensure that the blade runs in the right direction. It has to be done with the utmost precision and care. Once you’ve done, check the direction in which the blade is running. Chances are, it’s in the right direction and so you can get started with your work already.

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