Mefoto Roadtrip Review- MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod/Monopod Ki

This model by Mefoto is a perfect blend of built quality and ease of use making it one of the best tripod models that you can get your hands on. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, while taking photographs or shooting videos, a tripod is one piece of equipment that can be very useful. A good tripod, when used properly, can very well change the quality of an image or a video. I will discuss a tripod model in this mefoto roadtrip review, but before that, a few tips about buying tripods can be very useful while making a choice.

It is important to choose a model whose legs can be folded and unfolded quickly. The setting up of the camera on the head of the tripod should also be a simple procedure without taking much time.

While traveling, the length and weight of the model should also be important depending on your travel style. I always prefer a lighter but durable model which can serve me on most trips.

mefoto road trip review


Mefoto is a reliable name among tripod manufacturers and after using this model I can very well say in this mefoto roadtrip review that they have built a reliable and flexible model with a few very useful features.

Even with its light built, it can handle a good amount of weight making it a very stable unit. So let us take a look into some more features of this tripod assembly.

Unique Features:

Perfectly designed

The Mefoto roadtrip is made of aluminum which makes it light and durable. The knobs and the tripod head with the ball are of premium quality ensuring smooth movements.

The unit is designed to last and if you are worried about rough usage, this will definitely withstand that as the solidly built leg locks are weather and dust proof.

Convenient Leg arrangement

The tripod has a maximum length of 61.6 inches and a minimum of 15.4 inches giving it a very good range. The legs can be inverted and folded back quite easily making the unit very compact.

The legs can also be adjusted through two angles making it a very flexible unit for photographing various objects.

Smooth Ball Head

As expected from Mefoto, the ball head is robustly built and offers perfect and smooth adjustments. When I used this unit before writing this mefoto roadtrip review, I liked the tightening knobs that make securing the camera very easy. It also has a bubble level so that you can check for perfect alignments.

Monopod Advantage

Now, after buying this unit, there is no need to buy a separate monopod as the legs can be adjusted around to convert the unit into a 64-inch monopod. So if anyone of you feels like using a monopod you are good to go with this unit.

Key Specifications:

  • Product dimensions:6 inches max to 15.4 inches minimum In length.
  • Product Weight:6 pounds.
  • Of leg sections: 6.
  • Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock.
  • Panning range: 360 degrees
  • Qr Plate: Arca- Swiss style.
  • Load: 17.6 pounds.

Pros and Cons:


  • Well built model.
  • Height range is good.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Smooth fixing and panning movements.
  • Good load carrying capacity.
  • Five-year warranty
  • Twist releases may come loose.
  • Some users reported camera tilt after tightening.


After examining the features of this tripod, it can be very well mentioned in this mefoto road trip review that this is the premium quality tripod.

From heavy DSLR users to small mirror lens users, this model will cater to everyone and can be a joy to use. It is light and comes with a good quality carrying bag making it a good choice for trekkers and backpackers.

In short, if you are looking for a good tripod at a reasonable price, this model will definitely serve your purpose.

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