Personal Sound Amplification Unit Review

The personal sound amplification units or PSAPs have been around for quite some time. Though they do not treat hearing problems, they offer some great service to those with hearing impairment issues by amplifying the sounds of the environment. A typical PSAP unit is made of three parts; the microphone, the amplifier, and the speaker. These units can make the sound appear louder in the ear and can be an easy and short-term solution for someone with hearing difficulties.

Some modern PSAP units offer additional features like syncing with smartphones and can offer as good service as a customized headphone. There are quite a few features that are associated with buying a PSAP unit. So before going into the review of the best PSAP unit in the market, we will share a few points that you need to keep in mind while choosing a unit.

Guide to buying a Personal Sound Amplification Unit

Here are a few points that you can look through before choosing the model.

Get yourself checked

Before buying a PSAP it is best that you get yourself checked by a specialist who can ascertain the exact cause and nature of your hearing loss. This will help you to understand your needs and pick the right solution.

Sound quality and fit

The unit should provide good clarity of sound and if possible, should be capable of filtering out the ambient noise. Also, check the fit of the unit inside the ear so that it doesn’t give rise to discomfort.

The safety

It is also necessary that you make sure that the PSAP unit is smart enough not to over amplify the sounds that are already loud. This might cause damage to your hearing and cause multiple problems.

Maintenance aspects

PSAP units are damaged by dust and moisture and need the right maintenance. So when you decide to use one, make sure that you clean your ears properly and store the unit correctly.


Perfect Choice HD – Personal Sound Amplification Product

This is an ideal solution for those who have hearing problems as it provides great clarity of sound at a very reasonable price.


Perfect Choice HD - Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP)_ Eve


This PSAP unit is very much suited to boost up the volume and offer more clarity to the hearing process. It is also designed very nicely and is small in size to not look or feel intrusive in any way. This is a well-researched product that can be of perfect use to a wide range of people, delivering the right sound in your ears whether you are at a party or in a restaurant. This is also very well priced, offering you advanced technology at a very reasonable rate.

Personal Sound Amplification Unit Review 1

Feature and Benefits:

Speech enhancement

This unit can efficiently enhance various speech patterns with advanced digital technology. The amplification works for a wide range of speeches and it works effectively even in a noisy environment.

Three Modes

The unit has three modes which include daily listening, voice boost and also crowded room mode. So whatever situation you are in, the advanced digital technology in this unit will help you to listen with perfect clarity.

Noise reduction

This is another great feature of this unit which helps to deliver the right sound with the right clarity. There is also a feedback cancellation feature that works as an additional advantage with this unit.

Good quality casing

The casing attached to this unit is made out of durable materials and can withstand high impacts without any problems. So this is one PSAP unit that you won’t be damaging even if you drop it by mistake.

Good battery

The unit comes with a battery that offers long-time performance. The system also has a low battery warning that ca be very useful for users for practical reasons.


Key Specifications:

  • Processing Technology:
  • Volume Control:
  • Programming Control:
  • Program Types:

Pros and Cons:

  • Small and compact.
  • It offers good clarity.
  • Ideal for various environments.
  • Speech enhancement feature.
  • Some users found battery life not satisfactory.


This PSAP unit is a very good solution for enhancing your hearing capabilities easily and at a very affordable price.


This Personal Sound Amplification Unit is very easy to use, offering an affordable solution for your hearing issues and it is very good for versatile usage. You can use this unit right out of the box and it can be placed behind the ear quite easily without anyone noticing it. Another advantage of this product that you can use it and return it within a trial period if you do not find the performance satisfactory. So, to get balanced sound quality and great speech recognition, you can choose this small but efficient unit to get the right sound in the right environment.

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