Pioneer BDR-XD05S Review, Slim External Blu Ray Drive BDR-XD05S

In the war for high definition videos, Blu-ray is the clear winner of the present times. So to enjoy the high-quality movies you may need to buy a new drive to upgrade your system.

  Blu ray drives    are generally built to read CD and DVD drives as well so it can actually serve multiple purposes for you. There are a few other factors to check while buying a drive so that you get exactly what you need.

If you don’t mind your budget you can choose a drive that can not only play but read and write to Blu- ray media as well.

The speed of a Blu-ray drive is important and depending on the media type you plan to run on it, check the speed of the drive before purchasing one.

You can choose an internal or external drive depending on your existing system and its configuration.

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This slim and light Blu-ray drive will amaze you with its fast and silent performance and is the perfect companion for a variety of users.


The Pioneer Electronics USA Slim External Blu Ray Drive BDR-XD05S is light and fast and built in a very compact size. The size makes it perfect to use as an external drive and it can play DVDs and CD s as well. I tested it with some old DVDs with some scratches on them and this unit had no problems in reading them. As an added advantage, it can write to BDXL discs as well making it quite versatile. We can now take a closer look at the features of this unit in this Pioneer bdr-xd05s review and check what its specialties are.

Unique Features:


This drive is quite useful when it comes to playing a variety of discs. If you are upgrading and worried about your old DVD collection, there is no need to worry as this unit can play and burn DVDs and CDs as well. It also supports the latest BDXL discs which make it quite future proof.


The fact is that this drive may look small and compact but it makes no compromise with writing speed. It is capable of delivering 6×2 speeds for BDR single layer and dual-layer discs. For the triple and quad-layer discs, it can give up to 4x writing speeds.

Smooth playback

Now, you do not need to worry about playing scratched discs or those with fingerprints after reading this Pioneer Bdr-xd05s review, as the Pioneer Electronics USA Slim External Blu-ray Drive BDR-XD05S has PowerRead feature. This feature will enable the driver to move to the next better section of the disc if it gets obstructed. Thus a smooth playback of your favorite movie is ensured.

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Great features

This unit is equipped with an auto quiet mode that can monitor and adjust its speed automatically, thereby providing the user with a quieter viewing and listening experience. It also has a USB 3 interface which helps to save in power consumption.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimension:2 x 5.2 x 0.6 inches
  • Product Weight: 2 ounces.
  • Data buffer: 4 MB.
  • Operating system support: Mac, Windows.
  • Colour:
  • Light and compact
  • BDXL compatible
  • USB 3 interface.
  • powered feature.
  • Value for money.
  • Software not included.
  • Blu-ray writing speed is slower.

Bottom line:

With its advanced features and great performance, the Pioneer Electronics USA Slim External Blu-ray Drive BDR-XD05S can be a very practical choice for anyone looking for an external drive.

This fast and compact model also impresses with its backward compatibility as well as futuristic features, all coming at a reasonable price.

So if you are looking for an external Blu-ray drive, this can very well be the right model to choose as stated in this Pioneer Bdr-xd05s review.

Pioneer bdr-xd05s.jpg

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