Seven Tangle-free Headphone Finds With Mic and More

When you are looking for the right headphones, you might get overwhelmed by the choices available in the market. When it comes to the wired models, one important aspect is to keep the wires tangle-free headphone, especially when you are traveling. Untangling the wires when you are planning to use the phones can be really troublesome. There are also many other factors that one needs to keep in mind while selecting a model. From the sound quality to the comfort factor and then to portability, there are various points that you need to check on.

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While some prefer a bass-heavy sound pattern, others prefer full-range sound reproduction. Headphones also act as a mic for your Smartphone, making the communication process very easy for you and hence choosing a tangle-free model is very important. So we have listed out seven Tangle-free Headphone Finds With Mic that will stay free from knots and keep things simple for you. But before that, here are a few points that you need to take note of before selecting the right model.


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Headphone Buying Tangle-free Headphone Finds With Mic

Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for the best headphone that will suit your needs.

Type of headphone

Basically, there are two types of headphones, on-the-ear, and over-the-ear. The first type of model are on the ear and is also called supra-aural types while the second type covers the entire ear. They are also called circumaural and provide the best sound quality. Other than these, there are also open-back headphones that allow sound to escape from the back and are good for sound recording purposes. There are also lighter in-ear models that come with an ear-bud that provides good quality sound.

Fit and comfort

This is a very important factor when you are planning to use your headphones for long durations. For the headphones that sit on your ears, a good padding or soft leather finish is quite important. Also, the lighter models are more comfortable to use and when you are planning to select a model with a headband, that should also be taken into account. A padded headband with a rotating ear-cup can be very comfortable to use. It is best to wear a model for about 20 minutes to decide about its comfort factor.


The durability of the model that you chose is very important. Often light-weight models are not that durable and you need to keep them in a protective casing when not in use. If the model is foldable check the hinges for their durability and also check the cables to see whether they are strong enough. For pricier models, makes sure that the replacement parts are available so that you need not replace the entire model.

The mic quality

When you are choosing a headphone with a mic, you need to make sure that you will be able to use it for making calls without any issues. Ideally, the mic should be durable and resistant to sweat for regular use. In addition, it should also have good noise filtration and high-speech intelligibility.

The cables

When it comes to cables, the single-sided models are more suitable when you need a tangle-free headphone. Make sure the cable length is optimized as shorter cable lengths can give rise to problems. On the other hand, too much cable will not only get tangled easily, but it would also lead to poor sound quality and lower volume levels.


JLab JBuds Diego In-Ear Earbud with Universal Mic

This eye-catching model provides a light and comfortable solution for enjoying good sound quality at a very good price-point.

JLab JBuds Diego in-Ear Earbud with Universal Mic_ Home Audio & Thea


Built with an enthusiastic touch of colors, this trendy model is ideal for the outdoors. The tangle-free cable comes with a good quality microphone and the unit comes with a multiple choice of ear-tips. This model is a youthful fusion of sound and style, making it a good choice for the new generation.

Feature and Benefits:

Multi-colored design

His model comes in various shades including midnight black, pacific blue, sports yellow and many others. The eye-catching double-colored cable is not only tangled free but also looks very stylish.

Sporty design

This is a unit that perfectly suits someone with an active lifestyle. The model is lightweight but is built ruggedly and is flexible enough to use under different circumstances.

Good sound delivery

The unit has a 10-millimeter neodymium micro driver that delivers superior sound and is also tuned with JLab’s signature sound curve for better performance. The unit has an admirable bass output and is also crisp in the midranges.

Ergonomic built

The ergonomic shape of the ear-buds and soft cushion tips make them very comfortable to wear for a long duration of time. The fit is secure and this unit will not get dislodged, even when you are on the move.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.25 x 0.5 inches
  • Drivers: 10 mm.
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces.
  • Fit: In-ear.
  • Warranty: One year limited

Pros and Cons:

  • Stylish design.
  • Good quality mic.
  • Light and comfortable.
  • Value for money.
  • Sound quality is muddy in the low spectrums.

A colorful design along with a good build quality makes this unit a very good choice for those who lead an active lifestyle.

LETSCOM Bluetooth Sports Headphones

With a high-quality sound and a great design that suits a sporty lifestyle, these headphones are simple and effective for regular use.

LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Sport Earphon


This unit has been designed with care to make them a good choice for those who prefer a simple and easy to use model. Be it for some sporting activity or for traveling, these units have the built and battery capacity to serve you perfectly.

Feature and Benefits:

Fine sound

This unit makes the voice calls sound clear and crisp at all volume levels. The 11mm vibrating diaphragm and the CSR chip and technology makes the sound delivered extremely dynamic from all aspects.

Waterproof design

Be it the rain or the snow, this model will serve you well under all circumstances, making it ideal for outdoor and sports use. It is certified IPX7 waterproof with an internal nano-coating for protection.

Great battery life

The polymer lithium battery inside this unit provides 8 hours of audio play time after one full charge. The battery level is also displayed on your Smartphone from where you can easily check it.

Good comfort

With three types of ear-tips available, this unit provides a very good fit and comfort for long hours. The comfortable ear-hooks also ensure a very secure fit.

Key Specifications:

Pros and Cons:

  • Designed for outdoors.
  • Good sound delivery.
  • Light and comfortable.
  • Good noise cancellation.
  • The bass sounded uneven for some users.

This is a very well-designed headphone that will keep you free from tangles with its smooth and effective wireless functionality.

JLab Audio Epic executive wireless headphones

This is a high-quality headphone that delivers very good sound, making it a travel-friendly choice for those who are on the fast track of life.

JLab Audio Epic Executive Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds _


The sound quality and noise-cancellation features of this unit make it one of the best models among the tangle free headphones in the market. Along with the wireless advantage, this unit also provides an easy to control unit that makes it ideal for everyone.

Feature and Benefits:

Good sound quality

This unit is small in size but it’s bass output will leave you completely satisfied. The Bluetooth 4.1 delivers clear and crisp audio that makes your voice calls free from any distortion.

Superb noise cancellation

The active noise cancellation allows you to activate the feature with one touch of the button and it can filter out up to 90 % of the ambient noise. This allows you to enjoy the music even in the noisiest scenarios.

Good Battery life

The long battery life of this unit makes this good for travel purposes. With noise cancellation turned on, this unit will last for 7 hours and otherwise, it will give 11 hours of smooth Bluetooth connectivity.

Easy controls

The unit offers full control over all the features of your phone and you can control the volume or change tracks with total ease. It also allows one-touch activation of Siri or Google.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.7 x 1.9 inches
  • Noise cancellation: Yes
  • Weight: 1.5 ounces.
  • Bluetooth range: 30 feet.
  • Warranty: 2 years/30-day guarantees.

Pros and Cons:

  • Light and comfortable.
  • Easy controls.
  • Comes with gel tips and neck bands.
  • Effective noise cancellation.
  • The price is on the higher side.

With a good blend of comfort and style, this unit is very well designed to serve in a wide range of environments.

Betron MK23 Noise Isolating In Ear Headphones

With a smart design and very good sound quality, these headphones are a very good choice at a very reasonable price point.

E:\Rahul Ji AMAZON\TechUnderworld\Post_Upload 28122018\Betron MK23 Earphones Noise Isolating in Ear Headphones with Microph.jpg


This model is a good example of the fact that good quality can come at a competitive price. The sound delivery from this unit is very good, making it a great choice for music-lovers. The cable is designed to make it tangle free and hence you need not worry about knots.

Feature and Benefits:

Pleasant sound quality

The sound quality of these headphones deliver not only a rich bass but also the right notes in the mid and low ranges. This makes the unit a very good choice for enjoying the clear and crisp sound.

Very comfortable

Small in size and light-weight, these headphones fit very well and can be easily used for long hours without any discomfort. The unit comes with five sets of soft silicone rubber earbuds that allow you to find the right fit and comfort.

Built-in microphone

The inline microphone allows this unit to manage your phone calls perfectly with a touch. The unit also allows you to control the audio features very effectively without touching your phone.

Tangle-free wires

The flat cable that comes with this headphone is very durable and will last for a long time. This cable is designed to remain tangle free, no matter how you pack the unit.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8 x 3.7 x 0.8inches
  • Noise isolation: Yes
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces.
  • Headphone type: In-ear.
  • Warranty: One year.

Pros and Cons:

  • Durable build quality.
  • Easy control options.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Good value for money.
  • Some users face problem with the fit.

When it comes to price versus quality, this model has all the right features that gives it the exact balance to perform at all levels.

Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones

Offering total listening pleasure along with multiple advanced features, these headphones make a great choice in the budget headphones category.

E:\Rahul Ji AMAZON\TechUnderworld\Post_Upload 28122018\Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones, Noise Isolating, Tangle Free Cabl.jpg


The great sound quality of these headphones coupled with a bright contrast of red and black colors make this unit a very good choice. This is also a durable and robust unit that will serve you for years with an all-around performance.

Feature and Benefits:

A comfortable fit

This unit is very well built by keeping the ergonomics in the right place. It comes with silicone made ear-tips of three different sizes that make sure about long time comfort.

Well-balanced sound

The model comes with deep bass and has large neodymium drivers that deliver clear and crisp sound at all points. This unit will be a delight for the music lovers as all types of tracks can be enjoyed through it.

Durable build

The unit has metal housing that makes it last longer without any durability issue. The gold plated connector ensures a great music delivery through the years without any problem.

Noise isolation

The earbuds in this model are specially designed to cut off the external noises and provide a clean listening experience.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6 x 3.8 x 1.1 inches
  • Noise isolation: Yes
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces.
  • Headphone type: In-ear.
  • Warranty: One year.

Pros and Cons:

  • A well-built unit.
  • High-quality sound delivery.
  • Easy to use for travelers.
  • Silicone ear buds.
  • Some users found the buds a bit heavy.

With a spectacular bass and a durable built, these headphones are a great choice for music lovers at a pocket-friendly price.

GGMM Hummingbird in-ear noise-isolating Headphone

Offering great sound range in a sleek and ergonomic design, this unit is ideal for those who want to get rid of tangled cables.

GGMM Hummingbird “” Crystal Clear Sound In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone w/Full Metal Housing Dynamic Dual Drivers & Universal 1-Button Microphone (Black)


The unit is perfect for travelers and normal users both from design and sound perspectives. The impressive sound range will deliver the right notes in your ears and the snug fit ensures that they stay in place even when you are out for a jog.

Feature and Benefits:

Great sound delivery

The high-quality dual drivers embedded in this unit ensures crystal-clear sound that will make listening to music a real pleasure. The audio is perfectly balanced for the sound of all ranges.

Easy to use

These earphones are easy to use and connect to any device through the 3.5 mm audio jack. The built-in mic is of very good quality and allows you to conduct your phone calls without any problems.

Ergonomic design

The sleek and ergonomic design of this unit makes it a great fit for the ears. The rubber caps are comfortable and ensure that you can wear it for a long time.

Advanced features

This model features noise cancellation that makes the sound even more enjoyable. It also has gold plated pins for connection that reduces the impedance. The unit also comes with TPE cables that make it tangle free.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Noise isolation: Yes
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces.
  • Headphone type: In-ear.
  • Warranty: Lifetime.

Pros and Cons:

  • Good sound quality.
  • Easy controls.
  • Comes with carrying pouch and carrying case.
  • Good customer support.
  • The noise cancellation is not very effective.

This compact model will deliver a rich range of sound in your ears and will also block ambient noise effectively.

ThreadBuds Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Coming at a very good price-point, these tangle-free earbuds are a good combination of comfort and performance.

E:\Rahul Ji AMAZON\TechUnderworld\Post_Upload 28122018\ThreadBuds Noise Cancelling Earbuds - Tangle-Free In Ear Headphones.jpg

This is another unit that offers very good sound along with cables that are durable and tangle free. The noise-cancellation is very effective and you will be able to enjoy your music and have conversations without any outside disturbances.

Feature and Benefits:

Easy to use

These headphones allow you to control your telephone calls and enjoy music with just a few touches. The in-line mic and volume control features are easy to use for everyone.

Effective noise cancellation

The unit is designed to filter out the unwanted external noises and provide you with enhanced sound clarity. This makes it a good choice for travelers and commuters.

Tangle-free cable

You can say goodbye to tangles cables by using this headphone. It has thread-wrapped cables made with special materials that will not crack under stress and will remain free from tangles.

Good sound output

The sound output from this unit is very well-balanced and is pleasing for the ears. The 16 ohm sound quality has a good dynamic range for enjoying a wide range of tracks.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1 x 4 x 7 inches
  • Noise isolation: Yes
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces.
  • Headphone type: In-ear.
  • Colors: Red/White/Blue.

Pros and Cons:

  • Simple and effective design.
  • Well balanced sound output.
  • Comes in three colors.
  • Tangle free cable.
  • The ear buds tends to fall out.

The headphones are hassle-free and keeps you free from any tangles, providing the right user experience at the right price.


We have highlighted some of the Tangle-free Headphone Finds With Mic to help you out in your search for tangle-free headphone. These models not only deliver a good sound but also are very comfortable to use for long hours. Durability is a factor that many headphones fail to deliver but these models are built to last for a long time without any issues. Out of the units, the JLab JBuds Diego In-Ear Earbud can definitely stand out in terms of its features and overall performance. It is also a unit that maintains a great balance between price and performance.

The unit offers a sporty design with multiple shades that will be loved by most users. The sound quality is very good with the 10 mm driver and the ergonomic design results in a very good fit in the ears. The unit is also attached with a tangle-free cable that is also long-lasting. In addition, you also get a one year warranty and efficient customer support. This is one model that clicks all the right boxes to offer you a very good performance.

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