Smart Vent Review

With almost every home equipped with an HVAC unit, it is very important to get the temperature control right and reduce power consumption. It is essential to bring in the right balance in between comfort and economy so that you can relax in the perfect environment. Thermostats have been used to control temperatures to the right extent and smart vent are the latest concept to bring in a new range of comfort and convenience.

These vents have temperature sensors and can interact with each other thereby directing the airflow to the exact room where it is needed. This arrangement can be controlled by an app which makes it simple and easy to use. We will start with a few guidelines that will help you to choose the right vent and then provide you with a review of one of the best smart vents in the current market.

Smart Vent buying guide

Here are a few points that you can keep in mind while buying a Smart Vent.


A smart vent needs to be simple to use so that anyone in the home can use it effectively. These units come with a mobile app and it is best that you check the ease of use of this app and make sure that it gives you easy control over all the features.

Battery life

Most smart vents are battery operated and it is best to check the battery capacity and battery life before you select a model. Check for the system capabilities and the advanced features that help to prolong the life of the batteries.

The right appearance

The smart vent should not look out of place in your rooms and to place them in the best positions you might need to make some changes to your furniture arrangements.  So the size of the vents and their look is to be considered before installation.

Keen Home Smart Vent

This is one of the best smart vent systems in the market that provides intelligent performance and ease of use.

 Keen Home Smart Vent - 4"x10"


This unit provides room by room temperature control for your house and makes it easy to derive the perfect comfort from your HVAC system. It also makes sure that it optimizes the power consumption and ensures a smooth connection with your home’s Wi-Fi system. The vents can be installed very easily and a small number of vents can be ideal for a moderately sized home. This is a great product from a team of motivated experts to provide you with the best level of control over the airflow inside the house.

Feature and Benefits:

Smart Vent Review 1

Innovative design

The unit is created by using the most advanced algorithm that allows the vents to work in sync with each other and provide the best distribution of airflow in the house. It also ensures the auto balancing of the airflow and redirects the flow to the room that needs the most.

The best features

The unit has some of the most advanced features like temperature sensors to control the temperatures of each room and pressures sensors to measure air pressure of each room. This helps to adjust the temperatures of the hot and cold rooms and also takes into consideration the rooms which are not in use.

Good design

The vents are designed with the right aesthetic touch and will match with the interiors of any home. They look simple but stylish and with an LED light installed in each of them helps to maintain the right communications.

Easy to set up

These vents are extremely easy to set up and with expert hands, each vent takes 15 to 20 minutes to install. Setting up the connections is very simple and so is connecting the app which is extremely intuitive and easy to use. This easy to install features makes this unit ideal for all type of homes.

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 4 x 10 inches.
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Battery: 4 x CR2.
  • Zoning:

Pros and Cons:

  • Easy to use.
  • Room wise zoning.
  • Advanced battery life.
  • Quick installation.
  • Some connectivity problems with the vents.

This is one of the most intelligent smart vent systems available in the market and can provide the perfect economic solution for operating an HVAC system.


This is one of the best Smart Vent units that can be found for controlling an HVAC system and a group of these vents are perfect for handling a moderate to large sized home. An additional advantage of this unit is that the app is very nicely designed and totally user-friendly so using this system is a real pleasure. The entire unit is made of high-quality plastics and aluminum and you can rely on the quality without a doubt. This unit will definitely allow you to enjoy your home environment to the fullest and help you to make some savings on power consumption as well.

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