Sony Bdp-Bx370 Review, Blu-Ray Player with Wi-Fi

For enjoying the best movies and shows in Blu-ray, a good quality Blu-ray player is quite necessary.

  Choosing the right Blu-Ray player    depends a lot on the TV you have at home. In case you have a 1080p definition TV that you have no plans to upgrade, you do not need to spend the extra money to buy an Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

So it is best to consider your options before buying.

Like many other products, it is also prudent to fix a budget before going out to purchase a model.

If you are planning to buy one you should make sure that it can support HD format and is also backwardly compatible with DVDs and CDs. Wi-Fi has become an essential requirement to make sure that you choose a model that supports Wi-Fi.

 The Sony BDPBX370


Simple, compact and loaded with features but coming within a pocket-friendly budget, this Blu-ray player from Sony, is a great solution to watch the best content on your TV set.


This is a Blu-Ray player that is perfect for a person who likes the best features at a reasonable price. The Sony BDPBX370 Blu-Ray Player with Wi-Fi has the full HD capability to enable the viewer to enjoy the best content from a wide range of sources through a Wi-Fi connection.

It is also capable of playing content from any Smartphone or USB storage device making it a truly versatile player. Sony has also put in multiple features in this unit as discussed in the following Sony bdp-bx370 review.

Unique Features:

HD quality

This player enables you to enjoy the movies in HD 1080p and also allows you to upgrade your DVDs to HD. Now, if you have your old DVDs lying around, this is one useful feature for you.

I found the picture quality absolutely brilliant and along with the great sound, the overall experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

Advanced Sound

The overall sound quality of the unit is very good and when I was watching Westworld, the experience was really immersive.

This unit features Dolby Digital TrueHD along with dts 2.0. There are also 7.1 channels to reproduce high-definition sound with minimum distortion.

Advanced features

This Sony bdp-bx370 review must mention a few advanced features in the Blu-ray Player which makes it great fun to use.

You will definitely enjoy the Miracast screen mirroring facility that can help you project the screen of your Smartphone on the TV screen. You can also use the phone to control this unit and I found the interface quite simple and easy to use.


Fast and efficient

This player takes very little time to load your discs and has a fast startup time so you will not have to wait long to enjoy the movies. Moreover, with an Energy Star 3.0 rating, this player saves a lot in power consumption.

Key Specifications:

  • Product Dimension: 12 x 7.75 x 1.56 inches
  • Product Weight: 13 pounds.
  • Display: HD 1080p.
  • USB slot: Yes
  • Battery: 2 x AAA.
  • A light and compact unit.
  • Great picture quality.
  • Superior sound.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Energy star certified.
  • Remote may have problems with time.
  • Some apps tend to freeze.
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Bottom line:

The Sony BDPBX370 Blu-Ray Player with Wi-Fi will keep most users very happy with its features and performance. If you are looking for an economically priced model that is easy to use and connect, this will surely satisfy you.

So after reading this Sony bdp-bx370 review, you can go ahead and buy this unit to enjoy the best of the Blu-ray movies at home.

Sony Bdp-Bx370 Review, Blu-Ray Player with Wi-Fi 1



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