Mil-Dot Scope

Best Mil-Dot Scope Under $500

In order to make more accurate shots with your rifle, a mil-dot scope is a very good choice for any shooter. If you do not know this already, the term ‘mil’ is short for milliradian, which refers to 1/1000th of a circle’s total radius. In these scopes, the reticle uses dots evenly spaced along both … Read more

Low Light Scope

Best Low Light Scope Under $500

Whether you are a hunter or target shooter, buying a rifle scope can be a tricky affair because it involves a wide range of factors and various varieties. While cheap rifle scopes do not offer good quality, the mid-range ones can provide a great blend of value and performance. The rifle scopes are used to … Read more

Vortex Optics Viper HS Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Best First Focal Plane Scope Under $500

For any hunter, target shooter, survivalist or a weekend range regular, a good rifle scope is essential. A good scope not only allows you to see not only the target more clearly but also beyond it, thereby increasing the safety factor. The scope also allows you to go hunting time early and late in the … Read more Protection Status