Top 7 Best Chiclet Keyboards in 2019 – Reviews and Comparison

If you consider the fact that the main way of data entry into the computer is through a keyboard, you will surely want to buy a model that is completely reliable. Buying the right keyboard is not a complicated affair if you keep a few points in mind. The generic keyboard that came with your desktop model might not be the best one for you. A good chiclet keyboards can make your computing work more smooth and efficient and if you are a gamer, it can make the difference between life and death. More importantly, a keyboard with proper ergonomics is very important for the health of your body’s joints.

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With so many factors riding on the keyboard, it is necessary that you pick the right model for your job and we are here to help you in the act. We will review the seven best chiclet keyboards models in the market and also provide you with a buyer’s guide to make things easier. So if you want a versatile and easy to use keyboard for your work, read on.

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Best Chiclet Keyboards buying guide

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting a keyboard and a few important ones are listed below.

The connectivity

The method of connecting the keyboard to your PC is very important. The keyboards are designed as a plug and play device and the best way to connect them is by using a USB connection. The wired connection is free from batteries and also provides a fast response. So if you want a lag-free gaming experience, a wired keyboard is a good choice. On the other hand, a wireless device offers more flexibility and freedom than wired connections.

The key switches

The type of switches used for individual keys is an important factor as they will make a difference in the performance. The three main types of switches are the silicone dome, scissor switches, and mechanical switches. Silicone dome switches offer an amount of softness and responsiveness but lose this over a period of time. The scissor switches last longer but the mechanical switches with a spring-loaded connection offer the most reliable performance.

The layout

Most keyboards have the same basic keys with some minor variations. There are also keyboards made by Apple with some specific keys whereas Windows keyboards have dedicated menu keys. The modern keyboards also include media control features like pause, play, and volume controls.


This is a factor that is extremely important while buying a keyboard as you will be using the unit for long hours. Ideally, the keyboard should allow the hands to be in a neutral position to avoid conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury. There are keyboards that a sloped and curved in design and some models even offer padded rests for the wrists.

Gaming vs standard models

Gaming keyboards are specially designed to offer more specialized control and are often optimized for various sorts of gameplay. The premium models in this category come with high-end and customizable features along with additional keys that make them more expensive. So if gaming is your primary concern, you can choose that kind of a keyboard.

HP K3500 Wireless Keyboard

This is a well-designed keyboard that keeps things simple and effective and provides a very good performance.

HP K3500 Wireless Keyboard_ Electronics


This wireless keyboard allows you to keep things easy and simple and comes with high-performance keys for long life. It also has the capability to connect with multiple devices and is compatible with most desktops and laptops.

Feature and Benefits:

A modern design

This unit comes with a very modern design with dedicated keys for windows functionality and also for multimedia controls. It also is well designed with a built-in number pad, making it a pleasure to use.

Link 5 technology

This technology supplied by HP uses the 2.4GHz USB wireless receiver to connect this unit with up to five devices in total. Now you can input data in multiple devices with a single keyboard.

Wireless connectivity

The advanced wireless connectivity of this unit can make this keyboard easy to use with any device. It also has a very long range of 30 feet, making it a flexible model to use.

Good compatibility

Whether you are using Windows XP or Windows 10, this keyboard will allow you to connect smoothly with all types of devices with total ease.

Razer DeathStalker Chroma Gaming keyboard

With fully programmable keys and stylish backlighting, this keyboard has the right features to be the ideal gaming keyboard.

Razer DeathStalker Chroma - Multi-Color RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard


This wireless keyboard allows you to keep things easy and simple and comes with high-performance keys for long life. It also has the capability to connect with multiple devices and is compatible with most desktops and laptops.

Feature and Benefits:

Fast response

The 2mm chiclet keycaps allow the fingers to move smoothly and fast so that the response time in any situation of the game is quick. The keys are well designed with rounded corners making them easy to use.

Solid build

It is built out of good quality plastic that provides a very durable built and will surely last long. The unit also comes with a comfortable palm rest that makes it easy to use for long hours.

10 key rollover

The special feature of this unit is that it can accept inputs from 10 different keys simultaneously. There is no ghosting and the response is very accurate.

Custom lighting control

Not only does this unit have 16.8 million customizable color options but it also has the Razer Synapse software that offers more effective control. With this keyboard, you can really play your game in style.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 18.1 x 8.4 x 8.4 inches
  • Warranty: Limited one year.
  • Weight: 48 pounds.
  • Model type:



Pros and Cons:

  • Good build quality.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Elaborate lighting features.
  • Smooth keys.
  • No dedicated gaming or media keys.
  • Non-intuitive software

This keyboard offers top-class quality and is a viable option for gamers who are looking for a good model at a reasonable price.


Kensington KP400 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Designed for working professionals, this Bluetooth keyboard offers top-class functionality along with some classic features.

Kensington KP400 Bluetooth and USB Switchable Keyboard for Windows,


This is a classic keyboard with both wired and wireless functionality, making it a very versatile model. It is also very sleek and has good quality keys that will serve you for long periods. The added advantage of very good functionality makes it a great choice.

Feature and Benefits:

Versatile model

With this keyboard, you can easily connect to a device through a USB cable and then can shift to a Bluetooth device the next moment. The flexibility it offers makes it a very good choice.

Premium quality

The keys used in this model are the scissor- styled ones, which makes them very responsive. In addition, it also ensures a quiet performance so that your work does not disturb the others.

Good performance

The experience of typing in this model is good and smooth with the keys placed perfectly. The controls in this model are also simple and easy to use and Bluetooth can be activated by just pressing Cntrl+1.

A full-size model

This is a full-sized model with six rows of keys and a numeric pad. The unit is ideal for the typists who want to maximize their performance.


Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions: 35 x 19.75 x 10.25 inches
  • Colour:
  • Power source: USB/ 2 x AAA.
  • Weight: 75 pounds.
  • Model type: Wired and Wireless



Pros and Cons:

  • Full sized keyboard
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Value for money.
  • Very good compatibility.
  • Not a portable model.

This is a unit that provides reliable performance and is ideal for long term use. If you are looking for a professional keyboard, this is a good choice.


Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 keyboard

Small in size but not in its functionality, this wireless keyboard comes with a mouse that will make it a great choice for most users.

Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 – Includes Keyboard with 12 Programmab


With some high-end features, this good looking keyboard has a superior wireless connection that is lag-free. The unit is very compact, making it ideal for small spaces and with the mouse attached, it is a complete package.

Feature and Benefits:

Good design

Whether you are in the office or traveling out, this slim and light model can be your companion in all zones. On the other hand, the design does not compromise the comfort or ergonomics in any way. It also has multimedia keys and enhanced F-keys.

Easy setup

The device uses an easy plug and goes setup making it extremely flexible for use. You need to plug in a wireless receiver in the USB port and your keyboard is ready to use.

Complete security

Every keystroke made in the unit is protected by a 128-BIT AES encryption that keeps your data totally secure. So you can work wirelessly without any worries about security.

Smooth performance

The powerful wireless connection ensures that the data is transferred smoothly without any lag or delays. With this keyboard, you can say goodbye to dropouts and interferences.


Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions: 1 x 6.3 x 1.9 inches
  • Colour:
  • Power source: 2 x AA.
  • Weight: 00 pounds.
  • Model type: Wireless



Pros and Cons:

  • Compact build.
  • Smooth performance.
  • Value a good battery life.
  • Programmable keys.
  • Some users did not like the ergonomics.

The multiple advanced features and a good quality mouse coming with it, makes this model a great choice for fast-paced work.


VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

With a classic layout and top-notch compatibility, this keyboard will definitely stand up as a perfect model with its whisper-quiet features.

VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, 105-Key Chiclet Keyboard


Whether you want to attach it with your TV or the laptop, this keyboard will pair up perfectly with any system. It is very well designed with some very good features that make it a real pleasure to use. It has the best wireless features that ensure perfect connectivity.

Feature and Benefits:

Well-designed unit

This keyboard features 105 keys which are extremely responsive and provide tactile feedback. They are also designed in a manner that provides a smooth and precise typing experience.

Shortcut keys

The unit has 12 shortcut keys that are easy to access and will provide you with one-touch control of multimedia devices and e-mail services. This makes it a very versatile keyboard for daily use.

Good battery life

If battery life is something that you are worried about, this keyboard will leave you satisfied. The unit uses 1 alkaline AA battery for the mouse and another 1 AAA battery for the keyboard which will last for 24 and 15 months respectively.

Great connectivity

The keyboard uses a 2.4 GHz connection that provides a reliable and strong transfer of data making the workflow smoothly. It uses a nano receiver that ensures that there is no lag or dropout.


Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 04 x 7.04 x 1.77 inches
  • Colour:
  • Power source: 1 x AA and 1 x AAA
  • Weight: 7 pounds.
  • Model type: Wireless


Pros and Cons:

  • Very well designed.
  • Smooth typing experience.
  • Long operating range.
  • Very good compatibility.
  • Batteries are not included.

This is a keyboard that balances performance and style in a perfect package and makes it even more attractive with a pocket-friendly price.

Logitech Wireless All-In-One Keyboard TK820

With a keyboard and touchpad built into one unit, this item provides smooth and fluid performance at all levels.

Logitech Wireless All-In-One Keyboard TK820 with Built-In Touchpad_


This is one keyboard that is a real pleasure to use because of its great design and the touchpad adds to the charm. It is very comfortable to use and comes with great battery life, making it a combined device perfect for multiple gestures.

Feature and Benefits:

Touch and type

With this unit, you can do typing, touch, and gestures through a single unit. The keyboard and touchpad are perfectly integrated and you can switch from one to the other effortlessly.

Wireless functionality

The unit comes with a USB dongle that connects seamlessly with the computer. The fast and smooth data transmission at 2.4 GHz makes the unit a pleasure to work with.

Classic key design

The system has a PerfectStroke key design which distributes the typing pressure evenly across the surface of the key. The strokes are quiet and smooth making the process of typing effortless even for long hours.

Long Battery life

This unit uses four number of AA batteries that have a long battery life which makes it user-friendly. You can carry it along easily, without having to worry about battery life.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 9 x 1.8 x 7.9inches
  • Colour:
  • Power source: 4 x AA.
  • Weight: 99 pounds.
  • Model type: Wireless


Pros and Cons:

  • Fast and reliable performance.
  • Good touchpad performance.
  • Supports the full range of gestures.
  • Ergonomic keys.
  • No backlit keys.

The good quality of the touchpad and the perfect typing experience makes this unit a real pleasure to use and a very good choice.


Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard

With great functionality and smooth connectivity, this keyboard and mouse pair is perfect for everyday use.

Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse_ Computers & Accessories


The keyboard is stylishly built and is sleek enough to make it look great. The Wireless connectivity is very effective and being a plug and play device, this unit is easy to use. The mouse that comes with it is also of premium quality, making it a perfect pair.

Feature and Benefits:

Build quality

The build quality is very good and the quality of plastic used is premium, resulting in a good package. The keys are spaciously arranged and the unit is very comfortable for handling.

Precise performance

The keys are accurate in their function and the multimedia keys are an added advantage. The wireless connection works perfectly without any lag and it is the same with the mouse. Once you connect the USB dongle, the unit is ready for use.

Good battery life

The keyboard runs with two AAA batteries and the mouse uses one AA battery and both of these have a very long life. The unit also has a low battery indicator built in it.

Good compatibility

The keyboard is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and it also has specialized keys for windows users.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 20.7 x 5.9 x 1.9 inches
  • Colour:
  • Power source: 2 x AAA.
  • Weight: 75 pounds.
  • Model type: Wireless



Pros and Cons:

  • Elegant design.
  • Power-saving feature.
  • It comes with a mouse.
  • Comfortable for use.
  • No on/off switch.

Coming with good design and perfect connectivity, this keyboard will be a very good choice for all types of work.



These best chiclet keyboards are some of the best models that you can find in the current market and they will serve you perfectly with their features. All of these models have good ergonomics and even when you work for long hours, you will not find your hand tiring up. If you are looking to point out one single keyboard out of the above ones, then we will suggest the HP K3500 keyboard. It is a simple but effective model that offers top-class accuracy and precision.

The unit has a 2.4 GHz Wireless system with a USB micro-receiver that is simple to connect and start using. You can also connect with five devices at any given time, making the unit a very versatile one that can be used for a wide range of work. The wireless has a very good range of 30 feet and that provides it with even more flexibility. It is also priced perfectly, making it a great value for money product. So this is one model that is a very good choice for anyone needing a chiclet keyboards.

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