Toro Snowmaster 724 QXE Review, 24 in. Gas Snow Blower

Snow blowers are very useful equipment, especially during those winter months. There are various types of blowers available and you need to choose to want to depend on the need.

I would suggest that before buying a model, you get accustomed to the basic parts of a snow blower so that you can make a better choice.

A good quality blower can last for years and hence it is important to select the best.

The type of blower that you need will depend on the size of the area that you need to clear, the average snow deposition and also on the type of terrain you are handling.

You can choose between an electrically powered, battery-powered or gas-powered blower based on that.

Blowers are also categorized into single-stage and multi-stage ones and depending on your requirements you can choose a lighter or a heavier model.


Toro snowmaster 724 qxe

One line unique Introduction:


Say goodbye to the hard work of shoveling snow with this snow blower from Toro, which is light and efficient and has just the right features to save your time and energy.


This Toro snowmaster 724 qxe reviews will help you to understand that this is a very good option for those who need to remove light and occasionally heavy snow from concrete and asphalt surfaces.

With its 24-inch clearing space and a large throwing distance of 40 feet, this equipment can clear up your driveway very efficiently in a short time. In addition, there are automatic drive features and great chute design which makes this machine very useful in all respects.

After taking a look at the details, you will get to know the best features that this machine offers.

Unique Features:

Good design

With the special design of its auger, this unit can move more snow in less time and Toro has declared this machine to be capable of removing a Ton of snow per minute.

The specially designed steel rotor rotates much faster and helps in breaking up and collecting the snow in the center. The auger housing is tall and designed to prevent any clogging of wet snow.

Easy to use

While trying out this unit at a friend’s place, I admired the easy to use snow chute that makes this machine so user-friendly.

The stick for chute control gives you all the freedom to rotate and adjust the chute angle as you need.  I also got the feedback that the assembly of this machine is quite simple and requires minimum time.

Self-propel feature

The self-propel feature definitely needs a mention in this Toro snowmaster 724 qxe reviews as this feature makes the unit very easy to use at your own pace.

The patented self-propel technology of Toro helps the machine note your walking speed and adapt itself to it. The automatic steering control makes turning simple and with the lightweight design, this machine is very easy to handle.

Build quality

Let me assure you that this machine is built to last long. The material used is suitable for special cold weather and can take up to -104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also rustproof to make it even more durable to rough usage.

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Key Specifications:

  • Auger system: Inline- 2 stages.
  • Product Weight: 117 pounds
  • Clearing width: 24 inches.
  • Engine capacity: 212 ccs.
  • Tires: 11-inch deep lug, directional.
  • Warranty: 3 years limited.
  • Light and easy to use.
  • Good rate of snow removal.
  • Good throwing distance.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Self-propel system.
  • Not good for hardpacked snow.
  • Not ideal for rough terrain.

Bottom line:

Toro has built a very good model with a decent budget and put some features into this unit that makes it a pleasure to use.

This machine does not have any fancy features but for light snow and occasional heavy snowfall, it does the job very well.

After going through this Toro snowmaster 724 qxe reviews, you can surely understand that this gas-operated Snow Blower can be the right choice if you want a fast and efficient machine to clear your driveway.



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