What Is The Best Progressive Reloading Press

For any avid shooter who uses ammunition every day, a progressive reloading press is a great option to save time and money. Professional hunters and shooters can also make the best use of this technology to make their own ammunition and develop this as a hobby. The type of press and the brand that you choose is extremely important in order to get the right level of perfection form the unit. If you are a veteran in the field, keep in mind that your old equipment may not work with the new brand that you choose. Since these units have a difficult setup process and more requirements for maintenance, they are best suited for experienced users.

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To buy the right model, you need to gain the right stream of information about the best models available in the market. There are a variety of well-designed products in the market and the process of choosing can be difficult. In this article, we will present the best progressive reloading press in the market and review it from every aspect. Let us start with a simple buying guide that will help you to gain some knowledge about progressive presses.

Buying guide for a progressive reloading press

Here are a few points that you need to look into before selecting a progressive press.

The type of guns you use

You can choose a reloading press that can load ammunition for use in a pistol or the rifle and can accommodate both very short and very long cartridges. The speed and precision of the unit will also be used based on the type of gun that you will use. For each different calibre that you load in the press, there will be the need for a set of appropriate reloading dies, a shell holder or a shell plate. Different press accessories like die ring, die bushings, priming related parts can also be needed. Some presses require more time and effort to change over calibres than others which need to be taken into account.

The quantity of ammunition

If you an infrequent user of ammunition, you can choose equipment at the cost of more setup time and slower reloading output. For more frequent users, faster output and a more efficient machine that will cost more is a better choice. The unit should produce an output in a reliable and consistent manner and the overall design should be ergonomic so that it does not fatigue the operator. The speed of the unit can vary between 300-600 round/hour and if you need to make a lot of ammunition in a fast and effective manner, a progressive reloading unit is a great choice.

The quality factor

For personal use, you may not need to pay much attention to tolerances and the consistency for ammunition quality. In case you are a precision level shooter, you need to pay attention to the tightest tolerances and make sure that the ammunition delivers consistency for better accuracy. Then you can choose a high-quality machine to make the best use of your time. At the same time, if you have enough time but a smaller budget, you can get away with lower quality equipment.

Other considerations

You may need to expand your options in the future in terms of skill or capacity. So while choosing a model you should balance both the short time and long term goals to make sure that you can use the unit effectively for years to come. In addition, you need to take the considerations about space and also consider the after-sales service a brand offers.

Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

This is an automatic, five-station press that offers a rugged, responsive frame along with some advanced level technology for a fast response.

Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press


The press offers a fast-paced performance with a high-level precision that allows you to load up to 500 cartridges an hour. The advanced features like a universal case retainer spring, the patented quick-change bushing system makes the unit an extremely satisfactory choice.

What Is The Best Progressive Reloading Press 1
Feature and Benefits:

Superior priming system

The primer slide receives a primer at the top of the stroke and inserts in the case at the bottom of the stroke. The slide stays in perfect alignment and is easily changed from large to small.

Effective bushing system

The unit can switch dies from one calibre to another or change out die stations and begin reloading again in seconds. The bushing locks standard 7/8″-14 dies rock-solid in perfect alignment
Effective powder drop

The charge is added only when the cartridge is in place and the system works with any type of cartridge. It can also be manually operated to check powder charge.

Automatic indexing

This feature automatically advances shells to the next station with the smoothest level of indexing and it rotates every half stroke to lessen the chance of powder spillage.

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Frame design: O-frame
  • Press type: Progressive stage

Pros and Cons:

  • A well-built unit.
  • A five-station dye platform.
  • A large cartridge catcher.
  • Effective automatic indexing.
  • Quick change priming and bushing system.
  • The primer slide gets stuck at times.

What Is The Best Progressive Reloading Press 2


This is one of the most adaptable and innovative units in the market and offers the right range of features to make the process of reloading smooth and effective.

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